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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blog Policies

This is the professional and lifestyle blog of Carl Mindling.

This blog is based on the opinions of Carl Mindling.

Comments are moderated for content and are all individually approved. Comments that contain personal information (i.e. personal phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.) will be modified and reposted minus the personal contact information for your safety.

All modified comments will be marked as such text identical or similar to the following: This comment has been modified by the blog owner. Reasons comments are modified include: removal of personal phone numbers & physical addresses, email addresses or any other information that may cause a safety concern if published. Please view our policies to learn other reasons.

Comments that are Spam* off topic, contain profanity, lewdness, hate speech or any form of discrimination will either be modified or will not be posted. (i.e. a single curse word will be reposted minus the offending word. A hate message will not be published.)

Comments that disagree with the POV of the Author or another reader will generally be allowed so long as they are written with respectfulness towards the person you are disagreeing with.

Comments belong to their individual authors and the views expressed are not necessarily the views of Carl Mindling

*Spam is defined as including urls or company names to sites or companies when no solicitation for information has been requested in the blog post.

The information on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute contracted and/or legal advice.

Carl Mindling does link to third-party sites. This blog is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed on those sites.

Carl Mindling reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

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