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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back In The Blogging Saddle Again

Okay, I have been hounded enough by friends and family to start blogging again. It's not that I don't enjoy it but more that I don't make time for it. Considering how much time I put into elongated e-mails sometimes it would make more sense to tell the story once as a blog and send all my friends to it.

I do admit to finding this photo a bit amusing. I snapped it of a young girl one sunny summer day. As cynical as her t-shirt appears the message sometimes rings true. If you ever find yourself drenched in indifference while reading my blogs, PLEASE let me know. I love to tell stories so I hope you'll find them equally enjoyable to read. To have an audience is simply a DJ thing. It is in the DNA of every entertainer.

Paul Simon has a song called "Rene And Georgette Magrite With Their Dog After The War" which always reminds me of watching someone's home movies or slide show. It paints a picture but is so often beautiful only in the eye of most immediate beholder. I never want my blogs to be so personal you need to be part of my gene pool to enjoy them.

I am sorry that I did not catch this young lady's name. She was eager to pose and my immediate intentions were certainly not to toss her shiny face up on the whole world wide web. I often wonder why they didn't call it that in the first place. I guess that wwww is just too many w's.

So get ready for lots more from me. As our glorious California spring/summer weather beckons here I am ready to get out, move, shake and blog about it. So hopefully reading my blogs won't become a cheap substitute for your Ambien or Lunesta perscription.

As John Sebastian once sang, Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

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