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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What rhymes with Jubilee Lau? Wow!

As if Jubilee Lau isn't already one of the coolest wedding planners going, yesterday she hosted an incredible thank you lunch for us in the Terrace at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco.

Actually, we should have been the ones taking her to lunch.

Jubilee really understands the value of team player vendors and especially the added challenge of what is called the "day of" group or those companies which do much of their work on location during the event itself. After working several successful weddings this year with many of the same professionals it occurred to Jubilee that maybe a luncheon would be a nice way to get together socially and say thanks.

Lunch was amazing and included just about the best French Onion Soup I've ever tasted but we really had the most fun with the array of desserts they presented. One of several sweets they rolled out was a variety of sorbets and gelatos in a sampler complete with the Jubilee Lau Events logo recreated in chocolate!

So who were among the lucky treated yesterday? Pictured here are those who were invited and could attend. From left to right are Megan Woods of Enhanced Lighting, Armando of Get Your Do Up, Carrie Topoian, Todd Rafalovich, John Woods, Jubilee, myself and Bill Kelleher of Stuart Rentals.

All in all it was a delightful luncheon and a most refreshing to spend some quality time with those we normally just see while working or networking. A couple of last parting shots are John Woods admiring Carrie's balancing act with the sorbet sampler. And finally me with my absolute favorite wedding planning person.

Thank YOU Jubilee!

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