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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pioneering Wedding DJ Becomes Marketing Therapist To The Wedding Industry

Andy Ebon is no stranger to the San Francisco Bay Area wedding scene.

But Andy's work in the bridal industry is now spanning the decades and has morphed into national speaker, consultant and web adviser. For the complete nitty gritty on Andy's illustrious entrepreneurial story check out the about page on his really fun wedding marketing website called Wedding Marketing.net.

Andy and I go back to his days in the mid-eighties when he helmed Designer Music which was one of the premier mobile disc jockey operations in the San Francisco area. We had a lot of fun in those days but Andy knew that his calling was speaking to audiences instead of making them dance. So Andy traded in his DJ microphone for one at the podium and hit the speaking circuit. Today his travels have brought him full circle back to the wedding world where he specializes in wedding and hospitality marketing.

Out of all this experience EBS Virtual Communications was born. Andy's strength is speaking in plain terms to help small and medium size companies keep up with their technical marketing efforts in today's fast paced constantly changing web world.

Andy has been a longstanding active member of NACE wherever he has lived so it was no surprise when he stepped up to fill in for the local Silicon Valley NACE chapter after their scheduled speaker had to cancel.

This twist of fate proved to be not only highly educational but also very entertaining for those of us who attended Andy's fantastic presentation last month on blogging at the San Jose Hilton.

I am a self-proclaimed novice when it comes to blogging but sitting right next to me was someone I call the Queen of Blogging, Stacie Tamaki, who actually speaks on the topic of blogging herself to our industry. Stacie and I agreed that Andy gave one of the best presentations we have ever seen. Not only did he field all the questions beautifully but he kept everyone engaged regardless of their level of blogging expertise. I have taken enough technology classes to really appreciate a presenter who can be effective at speaking to an audience with varying levels of expertise. Andy definitely hit the bull's eye. To find out what's always happening on Andy's own blog check it out at The Wedding Marketing Blog.com.

So the next time you need some great one-on-one advice for your web woes or a great speaker for your association meeting, contact Andy Ebon. He is on it.

-That Carl Guy


  1. That was a great presentation Andy gave us. Public speaking is an art, one that I'm just learning. Andy is the master :o)

  2. Carl,

    Thank you for your very kind comments, particularly on my presentation.

    I'm having a great time giving seminars and meeting presentations.

    Always wishing you the best,