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Monday, May 25, 2009

"S" Stands for Sprouting, Sushi, Superfoods

Our mentor, Chef Jennifer Brewer, touched a lot of bases in our next to last class. The topic of sprouting kicked things off and we learned that whether a sprouting bag or mason jar is used the easiest things to sprout are wheat, lentils, sunflower, almonds and mung beans. Jenny had used this sprouting bag to prepare some French lentils for our Sprouted Lentil Spread.

The Soak-Rinse-Sprout steps seem easy enough with a little patience and most of the sprouts will come to life in one day with a good 8 to 18 hours in the bath. Jenny recommends the following websites as great resources:

1. Chet Day's Health & Beyond - www.chetday.com
2. Sproutpeople - www.sproutpeople.com
3. New Natives - www.newnatives.com

And just when I thought Sushi was only for highly skilled specialized Japanese chefs we learned how very easy it is to roll your own. The coolest thing about doing it yourself is that you can load it with only your favorite stuff. Here Jenny demonstrates just how easy it is to begin the roll as Bonnie and Kristin observe.

There was also no shortage of good stuff for inside our rolls including organic avocado, carrots, smoked tofu and cucumbers. Lydia also showed us how to make fresh rice paper rolls.

Although the term "Superfood" has become a little trendy we focused on five heavy hitters that are bound to make anyone's list. Miso, Chia Seed, Nutritional Yeast, Hemp Seed and Açai were all included in tonight's recipes.

Rounding out our menu tonight were Grilled Portabello Mushrooms made with a Ginger Infused Sherry Teriyaki courtesy of Julie who created the sherry and so generously brought a bottle for everyone to take home. Add a green salad with Avacado-Hempseed Oil Dressing, Grain-Free Chia Crackers with Sprouted Lentil Spread and this plate was absolutely jammed with tasty nutrition.

Although it was not very photogenic we finished all of this Superfood Sushi Sensation with a refreshing Açai "Ice Cream" dessert. But, of course, it was dairy free and got it's smooth sweetness from frozen banana, raw cashew butter, vanilla, raw chocolate powder and agave nectar.

If reading this blog is making you hungry, don't feel bad. I am signing off now and hitting my local New Leaf to grab the stuff I need try some of these Super recipes tonight.

Until next time, keep it healthy and tasty.

-That Carl Guy

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