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Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Random Acts Of Great Customer Service Commited

If this story sounds familiar it's because I was just raving about another great customer service experience I had recently with Oakley.

This time it is all about bike racks. We cyclists need a way to hold our bikes while we clean and do tune ups. It takes a specialized device to hold the bike and still allow you to turn the crank. My experience as a Mobile DJ with the tripod company, Ultimate Support, has always been great. So when I discovered they made bike stands as well it was my obvious choice of brand.

So a couple of years ago I purchased the Ultimate Support bike stand from my favorite local cycle source, Spokesman Bicycles, in Santa Cruz. It was beefy with candy apple red tripod legs and massive fittings. I was confident to suspend my expensive Specialized all carbon fiber Roubaix road bike on it.

But lately I noticed a weak link in the design as the rubber padding on the jaw grips had dried and deteriorated. As you can see from this photo the grips without some padding would not clamp down on the frame with the same soft touch. Carbon fiber is the preferred material for super light weight bike frames but it also relatively soft and subject to crushing under pressure.

When I contacted Ultimate Support they told me their cycling products division had been taken over by Feedback Sports in Golden, Colorado.
I was a bit reluctant to call Feedback because I was now yet another step removed from the original manufacturer. However, any hesitation of mine vanished instantly with their customer service main man, Sammy Rutherford, on the other end of the phone. Sammy was quick to recognize my problem with the jaws and offered to send me a brand new pair at no charge.

WHAT!?! I was just calling to see if by any chance I could still purchase replacement parts for this rack which is way out of any warranty period. Sammy was quick to explain how important customer service is at Feedback Sports and he certainly practices what he preaches. So just in case you haven't followed my story, THEY STOOD BEHIND A PRODUCT THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN SELL!

I told Sammy about my recent great experience with Oakley and sent him the link to my post about Oakley. I am delighted to be telling you another exceptional story of first hand customer service thanks to Sammy and the folks at Feedback Sports.

Needless to say I am a very happy camper following my recent experiences with Feedback Sports and Oakley. If this kind of customer service became the norm instead of the exception, it would certainly put and end to consumer cynicism. I don't feel it should go unheralded and you can bet that I will shout out whenever it happens to me again.

So "Dear Feedback Sports...That's my feedback and thank you very much."

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