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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jubilee Lau & Gloria Wong: Role Models For Wedding Designers and Event Planners

It seems like Jubilee Lau and Gloria Wong have got it all backwards. They hosted a vendor appreciation luncheon for those of us who were lucky enough to work one of the most incredible weddings in 2010. Although they were thankful for our efforts WE should have been the ones taking THEM to lunch. After all, the industry still seems to be buzzing from that September 18 extravaganza that went completely off the charts on its production value alone. Although I can't go into details of that wedding it was reviewed by my friend and industry colleague, Stacie Tamaki on her blog. Click to read A Day In The Life of a Professional Wedding MC.

Gloria and Jubilee chose the legendary Top Of the Mark to indulge us. The wraparound views of The City alone made the trip to the top of this Intercontinental Hotel well worth it.

This Appreciation Luncheon started off with a traditional Caesar Salad topped with a generous helping of Parmesan shavings. Although the salad was almost entree size we followed it with either of these two main courses:

Farfalle with grilled chicken in a lemon cream sauce.

The vegetarian option was a Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli in a rich sundried tomato and thyme cream sauce with deep fried vegetable shavings.

Capping our luncheon was the classic Italian Tiramisu presented in a white and dark chocolate cup.

The entertainment group was well represented at the luncheon. Shown here is dance coach, Cynthia Glinka, Carl that MC Guy, and talent agency owner, Peter Rudolfi.

My parting shot is of everyone at the long luncheon table squeezing into our group photo. The wedding event we all did together in September had almost as many on-site wedding vendors and staff as it did guests. You're looking at some very hard working people who made it all come together under the direction of Jubilee and Gloria. Major props should go out to everyone who participated in this team effort. And, of course, a huge thanks to those you know as Jubilee Lau and Gloria Wong. I like to call them Jubilee Wow and Glorious Song.

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