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Friday, January 28, 2011

Venue Spotlight: The Pavilion at Boulder Ridge

Just two words can describe The Pavilion at Boulder Ridge. Beautiful and Brilliant. Beautifully perched above south San Jose this country club has truly spectacular 360 degree views of the valley. Brilliant was the decision to build their event center completely separate from the clubhouse facility. Too often there is an inherent struggle between private country club members and outside events. The members are torn between the revenues generated from events and the imposition they cause to their club. The solution at Boulder Ridge was to make the event center totally removed from the clubhouse. My first photo is of the clubhouse which is a modern facility with a vintage feel.

As I stepped back for a wider shot you can now see the Pavilion event center sitting on the hill above the clubhouse to the right.

As you head up the driveway to the Pavilion you instantly get the feeling this place was well planned and not just an afterthought. It is complete with a bride's room, full kitchen and ample space for vendors to bring in their goods.

What struck me first was the outside service bar. No banquet table or rolling cart but rather a permanent covered structure with stone finishes that match the rest of the decor. So immediately following an outside wedding ceremony the guests are greeted with this kind of reception. Nice touch.

And speaking of outside wedding ceremonies how about this setting for reciting nuptials?

When I said 360 degree views I was not kidding. Here are just a few other shots I took as I wandered around the Pavilion grounds.

Inside the Pavilion there is plenty of space and flexibility for a variety of types of events. No shortage of floor-to-ceiling windows keeps the all the beauty of outside inside.

And even the trip back down the hill is a final reminder of the picturesque views of Boulder Ridge. Here the skyline of San Jose's Downtown is a backdrop for the clubhouse.

The Pavilion at Boulder Ridge seems to have covered all the bases with separate parking for events and a shuttle service up to the facility. This place is a model for private clubs wanting to keep their members happy and still offer a great facility for outside events.

Lisa Nunes is the Director of Events at you can get all of the details from her at lisan@boulderridgegolfclub.com. Boulder Ridge is definitely worth considering for your next event. It has all of the pluses of a country club setting without any of the minuses.

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  1. Wow. Separating the club house from the event center was a brilliant idea! It makes so much sense. And I loved that outdoor serving area. If I were a bride I can just imagine how nice it would be to have a wedding at this location.