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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magnificent, Marvelous, Magical Martini Madness @ Monroe

Duncan Reyes, host (right) poses with his Master DJ, Jason Mitchell

This was certainly neither my first rodeo nor my first Martini Madness but I have to say it was one of the best. The crazy unseasonal rainy weather in June had all of the makings for a poor attendance but it just didn't happen. A great turnout at a very cool San Francisco nightclub called Monroe just had the best of vibe possible.

So I just snapped away and I apologize if I did not capture you in my photo montage of the evening but that could easily happen again on August 2 when we return for the special birthday edition of Martini Madness at Vessel. OMG! All this carrying on and smack dab in the middle of the busy wedding season.

Full house and yet still cool for rubbing shoulders, dancing and schmooze factor

Killer flat bread pizza with asparagus topping was difficult to resist

OK, so I couldn't resist! :-)

South Bay Trooper, Andy Mark, with the Host-With-The-Most

Long time friend and colleague, Rick Bacon, flanked by his girls.

From left: Amy Frugoli, Nicole Lisanne, Stacie Tamaki and James Burkhart

Robbie Schlosser (left) with Andy "Gotcha Babe" Mark again.

Our host was all smiles as he posed here with his mentor in the hospitality industry, Ken Deutsch

In a word Monoe is Cool.

My parting shot is of Duncan and Jason playing around in the DJ booth – Too Much Fun!
Thanks again Mr. Reyes for another great evening of Madness with Martinis or whatever you choice of imbibing happened to be. We look forward to a repeat on August 2.


  1. Nor rain, hail, sleet or snow .... nothing's gonna' stop having fun at MARTINI MADNESS. what an amazing turnout - take that mother nature!!! thank you for this terrific blog, carl. for those that couldn't make it completely missed out on all the fun & frolic. good times had by all. and YES ... get ready for another spectacular martini madness on TUESDAY, AUGUST 2nd. my annual "MARTINI MADNESS BIRTHDAY BASH" will be held at VESSEL (85 campton place, san francisco, www.vesselsf.com). it is guaranteed to be yet better than best. DON'T MISS IT! thanks, carl!

  2. Hi Carl,
    Thanks! You show just a slice of the goings-on, but you capture the excitement that swirled through that remarkable room all evening. How many people attended? 80? 100? Party pros from all over the SF Bay Area, enjoying a grand time with their best colleagues. A memorable time — what could be better? Easy: Duncan's next soiree, on August 2nd. See you there!

  3. What a night! A little rain, plenty of fun and lots of friends. Your pictures really captured the mood Carl. Thanks to Duncan for always organizing these fantastic get togethers for us and to Jason for the great music!

  4. Great shots Carl :) Glad I made the cut ;)