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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Martinis & Marilyn Madness Celebrate Duncan's Day

Even Duncan was caught off guard by the surprise visitor

We returned to Vessel for the first time in four years for a special birthday edition of Duncan Reyes legendary gathering of the industry known as Martini Madness. No networking event says summer more than this celebration of Duncan's birthday every August. Here's a few photos I took of the fun.

Duncan's Master DJ, Jason Mitchell's mix provided the evening's soundtrack

The "408/831 Gang" ham it up for me. From the left: Alma Estrada of Stonepine Estate, Lisa Whalen, Orbie Pullen, Andy Mark and Rebecca Meredith Pullen made for a strong showing from the South Bay, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay areas.

I met a new photographer to the world of Madness by Martinis named Jasmine Lee on the right and she posed here with her friends, Manuel and Evelyn.

Quick to strike a pose was photographer Jay Kelly and flanked by Kathleen and Lilly

Stacie Tamaki is describing the deliciousness of Jen's Cakes cupcake to Andy Mark

From left to right Martini Madness was all smiles for Michelle, Mark and Rick

I was quick to catch a rare pose from Stacie Tamaki and DJ Jason Mitchell

Happy Birthday Duncan!

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