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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Wedding Colors Matter And My Ties Are There To Match

How far will your DJ go to fit into your color scheme? Does your DJ even know which primary colors you have chosen? Does it even matter? Color matching may seem like a little thing but all of those little things add up to a look that rocks and a DJ who looks like he belongs at your wedding.

Most couples agree that day–of wedding professionals should dress appropriately and not wear anything off color or obtrusive to their event. At a wedding visual presentation is everything. So it makes sense that my attire should match your favorite colors and flowers.

As a standard practice I have been matching my ties to my clients' wedding colors for years.  But it was at a recent dinner with wedding photographer, Elley Ho, and my web designer, Stacie Tamaki that this fun and original idea took form. Elley loved the fact that I care enough to match my tie color to the wedding colors and suggested creating a Wedding DJ Neck Tie Color Picker to add to my website. After all one of the most popular questions on my FAQ Page is "What Will You Wear?" That's when Stacie stepped in and brought Elley's idea to life.

Just a few of my favorite Jerry Garcia ties

For years I've always asked my brides and grooms to bring a color swatch to our final planning session in order to find the the closest match. One time I even brought a dozen ties to a meeting and spread them out on a table for the bride to pick. She was having as much fun with this decision as I was!

How can you be certain your DJ will dress to complement your wedding color board? Introducing the
first ever Wedding DJ Tie Color Picker brought to you exclusively by I MC Events. Why bother with what some people would consider a trivial detail? Because I know your wedding colors matter to you so your wedding colors matter to me. Here is just one sample from my brand new Color Tie Picker.

Blue, Purple and Green Sample Patterns

So when you begin your search for a talented wedding DJ/MC find one who cares enough about your colors to let you participate in decisions about their attire. I always encourage you to bring your color board in hand when we meet in person because it makes matching all the easier. If your color is missing from my collection, no problem. I will gladly search for a good match and purchase a complementing tie at no additional cost to you.

As a professional MC for events I focus on the big picture. But the big picture is always made up of little details and matching your colors is just one smaller example of how much I care about making your wedding day a huge success.

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