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Friday, April 6, 2012

Exciting New Wedding Photo On My Website

Just when you think you've exhausted all of your resources for photos a really cool one comes falling out of the sky. Well, actually this photo did not fall out of the sky but ended up in my e-mail box courtesy of my long time friend and professional wedding photographer, Joe Homsy.

Photo by Joe Homsy

Joe and I had the honor of doing the weddings for sisters, Jennifer and Kristina Maggi. Joe captured this super wide audience image at Jennifer's reception in the Grand Ballroom at the Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton.

To see this photo in a larger size just click here which will take you to the Wedding DJ page on my website. To visit Joe's website and see more of his great images just click here.

Thank you Joe for the great image and fond memories of another incredible Maggi family celebration. Now that both Jennifer and Kristina have children perhaps you'll be shooting their weddings and I'll be rocking the dance floor for the next generation of Maggi clan.


  1. That does look like a pretty great photo. It's got a grand view of the crowd and everything. It looks especially nice on that site of yours, since it has a front page feel and all.

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