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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cycling Through Vineyards for a Surprise Marriage Proposal!

As surprise marriage proposals go pulling one off in the middle of an organized cycling event is fairly tricky. In Noah's mind there was no doubt about where he wanted to pop the question to Susan. After all, cycling was a big part of how they met and rode together at last year's Sierra Century ride through the hills of Placer County. That cycling event was sponsored by the popular Newcastle winery, Dono dal Cielo which also hosted a rest stop for the cyclists. Noah and Susan also had fond memories of taking a yoga class at the winery so it was the natural setting for his proposal.

Susan and Noah cozy up with a glass of Dono dal Cielo Chardonnay.
When I arrived at the winery all the buzz was about how we were going to help Noah make his surprise proposal during the cycling event. Dono dal Cielo was one of the final rest stops on this beautiful Spring ride through the Sierra Foothills put on by the Placer County Mountain Bike Club. Timing was everything as we greatly anticipated the arrival of Noah and Susan on their bikes. When they finally arrived they carefully laid down their bikes and slowly walked up the road to the sprawling grassy knoll that rests above the tasting room.

The stroll up to the grassy knoll.

Noah drops to his knee to pop the big question.

And they seal it with a kiss!

Susan was shining back in the tasting room.

Dono's cozy gazebo was reserved and ready for them.
Flowers, Chardonnay on ice and a world to themselves.
Thanks to Noah's imagination and planning we all loved helping with his romantic surprise. I am cyclist and member of the Dono dal Cielo family so this proposal hit especially close to home for me. We wish Noah and Susan many happy years and more miles on those bikes together.

Congratulations Susan and Noah!


  1. Loved the post.

  2. It just does not get any better than this.
    Mike & Emily

  3. This is SO cool! Congrats to the happy couple. How fun that you got to be their covert photographer!

  4. Hear, hear! Congratulations to Susan and Noah, that's wonderful news. Thank you for sharing :D

  5. Nicely Done! Wishing you the best.

  6. Fascinating planning, coordination and execution by all. Especially by great friend Noah ! Congrats to both of you ! You are a lucky couple.
    Tom & Sheila

  7. Carl Guy,
    great job, we are the lucky ones

  8. Wedding proposals are one of the best events in a girl's life. It is a real tear-jerker for a lot of women. :)

    colleged dating

  9. Congratulations my friends. Doug and I wish you MANY years of happiness--and we better get an invite to the wedding:)