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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooking With Carl – New Easy DIY Column on The Flirty Guide

Stacie Tamaki and I do not completely agree on every single bite. I love mushrooms and she avoids them at all costs. She loves to bake and I prefer to leave that up to the professionals. However, what I have learned in all my culinary travels is that a true food lover or foodie goes beyond just personal tastes and trends. What we do agree upon is we both love food. That's why I call her my fellow foodie friend and she has asked me to share some of my favorite recipes on her website, The Flirty Guide. 

Another thing we agree about is that food should be fun and making it should be easy enough for the average cook. That's why we've teamed up to offer step-by-step tutorials in my brand new culinary column called "Cooking with Carl".

Here's a few highlights from the first recipes we have featured so far.

Healthy Breakfast Bars

Summer Pasta Salad

Stacie and I hope you will try and enjoy some of these favorite recipes of mine. For more of them plus stories about our food excursions come over to my blog at Carl Loves Food.

Fun Appetite!

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