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Thursday, February 16, 2012

ArtCar Vehicles Make Really Unique Wedding Departures

Daisy Singer

Last summer I had the privilege of being the DJ and MC for Matt and Virginia Isble's wedding at Ralston Hall Mansion in Belmont, California. It was a stunning summer day on the Peninsula and the entire celebration was beautifully captured by professional photographer, Marla Christina. I feature Matt and Virginia's wedding in my website gallery and you can see their story by just clicking here.

However, I must admit that at first glance I was a bit taken back by Matt and Virgina's getaway car when I saw it parked under the entrance to Ralston Hall Mansion. The sun was very bright and in the shadow of the overhang it looked to me like an off road vehicle covered with mud. :-) I figured Matt's buddies must have decorated it in jest for their departure. But a closer look had my jaw dropping at its incredible detail. It was literally a work of art.

It turns out that this vehicle was created by one of Matt's groomsmen, Philo Northrup, whose passion is turning vehicles into moving works of art called ArtCars. The ArtCar Fest is a mobile event featuring these unique vehicles that travels all over but most often it takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These vehicles are not merely custom cars but more like sculptures you would find in a gallery. However, they are completely drivable and street legal. There is no way to describe them in words so I will just let my photos tell the story of Daisy Singer.

Don't Tailgate Daisy!

A roof rack like no other!

Horns-a-Plenty on top!

No detail is overlooked as even the dashboard has character.

As you can imagine Daisy Singer generates a huge amount of stares, gawkers and curiosity. Philo places this list of FAQ's right in the window for the constant barrage of onlookers.

If you are seeking the unique for a grand departure at your wedding or other special ride, contact Harrod Blank or go to artcaragency.com for rental information.

Art Cars: Not your typical ride.

My parting shot is of the shiny happy newlyweds, Matt and Virginia, smiling at their guests as they depart in Daisy Singer. Their exit was a grand conclusion to a great event not to be forgotten.


  1. That is one cool car and a really cool bride and groom to use it at their wedding!

  2. This would guarantee a memorable wedding for the nuptials! By the looks of the car, it is made with wooden antique sculptures, am I right? The car will add to the excitement after the wedding ceremony, no doubt! This is a whole new way to celebrate a wedding today.