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Monday, February 27, 2012

Introducing My New Website – Entertaining & Informative

My new website, like many others, is an evolutionary process. However, unlike many other Professional MC/DJ's sites it breaks from tradition on so many fronts. I must give most of the design and concept credit to Stacie Tamaki who created a site with my main objective of making my site both entertaining and informative. As much as I love to surf the web I admit that I seldom get much further into a website than the home page. Even nice looking sites can lack useful information or easy navigation to keep my visit from just being more than just a quick glance. Too often DJ/MC sites all resemble each other with dark imaging of partying guests or just stock photos of model brides and grooms. I asked Stacie for bright images and practical information that visitors can take away. In the creative process she even developed a brand new logo for me.

I am certainly not discounting the impact of a great home page and this lead photo taken by photographer, Marla Christina, from a 2011 wedding at Ralston Hall Mansion got first billing on my site. In fact it even inspired a brand new feature on my site that I call the Gallery where I will showcase the wide range of venues I work, my clients' celebrations and their photographers' images. Photographers use galleries frequently to feature their work so I feel it makes perfect sense for a DJ/MC to do the same.

My brand new Home Page!

When I say "entertaining" my hope is that people who visit my site will enjoy reading about not just my services but my personal side as well. Anytime you can make using a resource enjoyable it makes  learning more fun. For instance one of my favorite new additions is the Wedding DJ Neck Tie Color Picker. It is a practical picker meaning brides can easily view my tie colors right from their screens and it makes matching their color boards a lot of fun too.

The blue section of my Tie Color Picker

And when I say "informative" I really mean it. On the website you will find helpful tips for your event and answers to the most commonly asked questions about my services. For instance, I understand that budget is often a consideration when hiring anyone for any service. Many of us, myself included, will contact a company and want to make certain that their rate is in the ballpark of what we can afford which is why I decided to simply include my minimum and average pricing rates right on my website. Other questions are answered in more detail on the FAQ and on the Event MC pages.

My page called "Why Hire a Professional MC and DJ"

My website is hardly finished. It is a never ending work-in-progress and I look forward to tapping Stacie's never ending creative outflow. To see some of her other fantastic web development projects go to Girl Goes Geek. Also look for more posts as we intend to launch new features that will surely make my website entertaining and informative to clients and industry as well.

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