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Sunday, October 23, 2011

MC Skills Workshop - Too Much Is Not Enough

There's a notion that experience itself breeds proficiency and practice makes perfect. However, practicing and repeating incorrectly can also result in just the reinforcement of bad habits. I have been the MC at over 4,000 events so I am hardly shy on experience in speaking to audiences. However, when I get the chance to watch myself on video I ALWAYS see room for improvement. Every single time.

So last week when the opportunity came knocking to take the Silver Level Master of Ceremonies Workshop with Mark Ferrell right in San Jose I did not hesitate. This was not my first rodeo at a Marbecca Workshop. I had already taken their Love Story workshop and the MC series twice. I traveled to Las Vegas in February 2010 for the sole purpose of taking the MC Skills Workshop and told that story in my post you can read by clicking here.

There is so much information to cover in his workshops Mark has now split them into three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each workshop is jam packed with useful information on announcements, introductions, basic mike technique, posture, demeanor, delivery and everything a speaker needs to engage his or her audience. In this more advanced session we spent a lot of time on connecting with our audience to make them feel, not just hear what you are saying.

The best part of this experience is that it is mostly hands-on and not lecture. We all had equal mic time with video capturing every nuance of our speaking skills. It is the only way to really see yourself in action and Mark lends his expert critique from many years of entertainment experience.

So why was I only one of three local mobile DJ's to participate in this invaluable training? Mark and his wife, Rebecca, have spent most of 2011 taking their workshops on the road across America. I feel so fortunate that our area was on their list of stops but I am puzzled as to why more of our local entertainers are not interested in improving their MC skills. Over half of the participants is this workshop traveled from Seattle and Southern California while one of the group, Stacie Tamaki, is neither a DJ nor entertainer but she understands the value of improving her communication and presentation skills.

The bottom line is we can all stand to use a little tune up when it comes to communicating with others. If you have not seen yourself on video lately, I strongly urge you to do so. It might make you squirm a little but it can only lead to improving your people skills and your life.

I encourage you to check out all of the workshops offered by Mark and Rebecca Ferrell. They come from the heart and will improve everything you do. My parting shot is of the Class of 2011 San Jose Silver. From the left: Me, Stacie Tamaki, Ron Grandia, Alan Chitlik from Seattle, Mark Ferrell seated, Robert Kusters, Matt Graumann and Matt Mitchell both from Southern California and Rebecca Ferrell.

Thanks again to Mark and Rebecca Ferrell for sharing their many years of experience in this truly unique learning experience. It is obvious that everything you do is All About Love.


  1. Beautiful! I could not agree more.
    Thanks for this Carl!

    Bill Hermann

  2. Wish we could take a Marbecca workshop every week!

  3. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! To be able to have someone of Mark and Rebecca's caliber reviewing your performance every week and helping you tweak and improve your craft would be amazing!