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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mark Ferrell's Love Story Workshop - Storytelling That Changes Lives

I am no stranger to the Mark Ferrell series of workshops based on the Marbecca Method. I have blogged about his MC Skills workshops both in March 2010 when I took the Bronze level and then again when I took the Silver Level in October 2011. This time it was my second spin at his Love Story Workshop and it was another out of body experience.

Mark Ferrell in action using both hands and great side bars to explain and exemplify

So what exactly is a Love Story? Mark and Rebecca Ferrell originated it during their years as wedding entertainers (1989-2002) in Southern California. Today the term itself has become a bit of a cliché and used by all kinds of wedding professionals. The Marbecca Love Story is a ten to twenty minute story that normally leads up to the first dance and, if done properly, completely engages everyone in the room. I emphasize "done properly" because a straight read without the proper voice inflections and character acting will make the story flop. We learned quickly that great storytelling really draws on acting skills which is a talent we seldom use in our daily routine.

The impact of a great Love Story can be immense. It is safe to say that most of the wedding guests know either the bride OR the groom really well so very few of them may know the inside story of how they came together. There is always a great story that begins with their first meeting, first date, proposal and concludes with their own version of why they chose each other out of all the other people in the world. The couple is the reason why all of their family and friends are gathering for the celebration so why not share their story with everyone? I always tell my clients that they are the one common denominator among all those attending their wedding. The Love Story when delivered with sincerity, realism and passion touches on just about every human emotion and can evoke tears of both sadness and joy.

We had a spectacular group for this Bronze Level Love Story Workshop. Pictured here in our graduation photo from left to right is our guru Mark Ferrell, Rebecca Ferrell, Norman Anub, Robert Kusters, Stacie Tamaki, Josh Barron and myself.

The Loving Class of Bronze Level Love Story 2011

What made this group dynamic especially fun was having a non-DJ, Stacie Tamaki, who was there to continue stretching herself and improving her speaking skills. We also really enjoyed Josh Barron who, at only 19 years old, is embarking on an incredible career as an entertainer. Josh traveled all the way from Michigan to take both the Love Story and MC Skills Workshop in one week. Josh works under the direction of Mitch Taylor of Taylored Weddings. Mitch feels strong enough about the Marbecca Method to send Josh across the country get training with Mark Ferrell. We send major kudos to Mitch Taylor for taking this kind of care in getting Josh off on the right foot.

What really makes a Mark Ferrell workshop special? It is mostly their intentions. Mark and Rebecca created their wedding entertainment business because they loved being around couples in love. They now travel around North America and soon to the U.K. to help DJ's become better performers but that also means the DJ's have to become better people who truly love their clients as Mark and Rebecca did. Marbecca's motto is "It's all about Love" so love is the foundation of everything they teach and do.

Mark blogged recently about Halloween and how it can be your own "Reality Show." He went on to say that "we have the power to design our lives and hopes your glass is half full." This kind of powerful optimism is central to his workshops and overall philosophy which made the cups at the Hampton Inn and Suites where we gathered seem all the more appropriate.  :-)

But seriously folks we also have a really great time at Mark Ferrell's workshops in addition to working very hard to perfect our performances. I could not resist including this photo of DJ Robert Kusters kicking back. Robert never ceases to improve on his performance skills because he continues to take Mark Ferrell workshops. He simply shined in this latest Love Story workshop.

My parting shot is of me and my good friend, Stacie Tamaki. Stacie really gets it. She instantly realized the value of Mark Ferrell's message at her first workshop in May 2010 and was quick to share her experience on her blog post. Stacie's enthusiasm for these workshops centers on the fact that they are not just for DJ's but for anyone who wants to be a better speaker and improve all of their communication skills. Stacie was also thrilled with this Love Story workshop as she describes the experience in her blog post. It is unique training that you just can't find in too many places and we are grateful to the Ferrells for sharing their special talents with us.

Stacie Tamaki and I ham it up at the Bronze Love Story Workshop conclusion

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  1. Great recap Carl! Love the picture of Robert :D He really did hit his stride performing the Love Story.

    I hope more DJ's who have never taken a workshop from Mark someday realize that they are missing out. The only thing I hope for more when it comes to the Wedding DJ industry is that if DJ's don't feel motivated to improve, their clients will finally realize that not only should they be expecting professionalism and respect from their Wedding DJ, they should start demanding it! After all, it's their wedding day. One of the most important days of their lives. They shouldn't allow unskilled DJ's to derail their wedding receptions.